Life as a frog

Do you ever go through periods where it seems like everything you cast on ends up wrong?

After a lengthy run of great projects, it seems like I’m in a dry spell. I finished a sweater for my son and immediately cast on the same pattern for my daughter, hoping to finish hers before New Years. However I got to the end of the yoke (yes, the same yoke as featured here… and at the same spot as in the first picture) to find out that I had the wrong number of stitches in two of the sections. So… frogged to resume at a later date.

I figured that maybe having knit quite a few gifts recently it might be time to do something small for myself so that I could reap my own benefit of all this squishy, soft and cozy goodness. I cast on some fingerless mitts and just couldn’t quite make what was on my needles match what the pattern was describing… after repeated tinking that project was frogged as well.

My most recent attempt was a pair of socks… again for me. I’ve been basically living in the two pairs of hand knit socks I made for myself over the past year, and I figured I’d make some new socks for the winter. The pattern is one I’ve had trouble with in the past (red flag number one) but I made some adjustments and it seemed to be going well. I got further along than I ever have in the pattern, I finished the heel and had a lot of trouble with the leg pattern. I tinked it back once… twice… three times, but then I was on a roll. I GOT IT.

And then I went to try it on. Something about the way I did the initial few rows of the leg were too tight, and there was no way I could get that sock over my heel. The idea of tinking it back AGAIN… well, I pulled both socks off the needle and wound the yarn back up into two neat balls.

Now I’m contemplating if I just need a break. Maybe to pick up some cross stitch for a little while.¬†Though Jenni did gift me a lovely skein of super bulky Wool & the Gang…